Noelle V. - 2022-01-18
I love this product!
Sue K. - 2022-01-18
My daytime hours feel more focused with Qualia Mind. Plus I'm getting both the supplements and vitamins.
Dimitri N. - 2022-01-18
If you are struggling with sleep this product is going to help
Guest - 2022-01-18
After 2 months I have to say that my day to day motivation, focus and attention have improved. I find it easier to switch gears and manage the stress associated with constant task switching my job requires.
Aaron W. - 2022-01-18
All the best ingredients in one comprehensive formula. Love the convenience Qualia Mind provides.
Lelio D. - 2022-01-17
Super grateful to have this. Didn't prioritize my brain health until I turned 30s; I'm grateful that this supplement gets me alert and focused, while also increasing my overall health. The second night after taking Qualia Mind, my subconscious could tell the difference, and thanked me.
Kalin M. - 2022-01-17
Qualia Mind is a mental upgrade in every way possible. Some of the benefits I've noticed include: -Improved Memory Recall -Less mental fatigue when faced with complex tasks -Better speech fluidity and less stumbling over words -Enhanced Focus -More overall energy I am much less forgetful throughout the day, and I have the focus necessary to stay on task and complete whatever I need to. Best part is, the benefits seem to increase over time. All in all, Qualia Mind is ridiculously OP and ...Read more.
Elizabeth D. - 2022-01-17
I took Mind one morning and honestly forgot I took it. I started working at my desk and with such clarity started organizing things. I had such focus. There was such a difference it made me stop to think what was different and then I remembered I took mind. It really gave me the clarity of prescription medicine I used to take. I am sold!!
Hamilton M. - 2022-01-16
So far so good, just started the product and excited to the effects after a few weeks!
Lisa C. - 2022-01-15
Qualia Mind has gifted me with the mental state (consistently motivated, even-keeled, happy, focused) to move forward on so many activities, from the quotidian to the big dream projects. Now it's so easy to simply plan in "strategic" mode and do in "flow" mode. I'm so grateful for this nutraceutical!
Tyler W. - 2022-01-14
This is the best product out there! Cool, calm and collected all day.
Meg M. - 2022-01-13
Qualia has optimized my life in a way I can't really explain. I've been taking it on and off for a few years now and I LOVE IT! It makes life burn a little brighter and it helps laser in my focus for long, extended periods of time. I would suggest anyone to take it if they want to increase their productivity exponentially!
Tom F. - 2022-01-13
I have tried many nootropics without really feeling any difference. This one works fast, feels great, and lasts all day!
Samuel E. - 2022-01-13
Really helps with my mental clarity and ability to focus
Praveen D. - 2022-01-12
Great Product
Alex M. - 2022-01-11
Really enjoy the brain fog elimination that this product gives me
Derek L. - 2022-01-11
Tried it from a friend and felt the difference in my life after about 2 weeks. Increased energy levels, better sleep as advertised.
Victor O. - 2022-01-11
I definitely recommend qualia mind anyone trying to take their productivity up the notch.
Joshua R. - 2022-01-11
I've tried many cognitive enhancers from various ads I have seen over the years. Qualia Mind by far has been the best of all of them. I don't feel wired or jittery. Just focused and in flow.
Nikhil T. - 2022-01-11
Great so far. Works well, just rather expensive.
Connor R. - 2022-01-10
i love it!
Michelle H. - 2022-01-10
Quail Mind Essentials provides clarity, focus, and drive to complete your most important tasks without the negative side effects
Yuval M. - 2022-01-10
You will be AMAZED at how much your eyesight improves!!!
Devin E. - 2022-01-09
Great Product!
Charles E. - 2022-01-09
Excited to start this, just got it and took it 3 minutes ago. Already the world looks like the matrix code and I can feel myself astrally projecting into the beyond realm. Just kidding. But after reading a review of this stuff by Ben Greenfield I felt like I got a contact high just from reading his article.