Josh W. - 2020-03-30 | Beta Tester
Well, my experience was not the best. I had issues with sleep and was forced to cut the dose in half. I do believe that external job stressors may have been a contributing factor. I would be open to trying again.
Gregory B. - 2018-05-16
It’s the best out hands down.
Monika B. - 2020-11-25
Reluctant to be co-dependent on anything other than what is essential, I ordered qualia mind. After a few weeks, my dosis (due to my small frame ) is 5 pills 💊 💊 💊 💊 💊. where do I start? Combined with meditation 3x times a day, qigong and many creative deadlines, I have seen an incredible improvement in my capacity to not only focus on the task or person at hand, but also I have been able to give value to the specific situation as needed and not at any expense. 💯 recommended, its val...Read more.
Molly N. - 2020-11-24
My son and I both love this product. I just ordered more.
Suresh G. - 2020-11-24
Probably the best sleep hack product in the market. I take it around 7 pm after a meal and by 9 pm, my body gets to a sleep mode as I am an early riser. My REM sleep has increased by about 50%. I take it Sun - Thur and off on weekends and holidays where I can go to sleep late and wake up late.
Sean C. - 2020-11-22
Strongly recommend
Scott F. - 2020-11-18
I have had sleep issues for about 2 years. I have done numerous things and made progress. However, sleep was still an area I was looking to further improve. When I started the Qualia Night product, I not only felt a difference sleeping until the alarm clock for the first time in some time, but I saw very obvious changes in my sleep as measured by my Oura ring. I'm very pleased with my experience with Qualia Night so far!
Hilton T. - 2020-11-18
Works as advertised. Extra Focus & Energy noticed from the first use.
Jen V. - 2020-11-18
This product is amazing. The gradual build between dinner and bedtime is awesome. I fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer. Wake up feeling refreshed! Highly recommend!
Elaine K. - 2020-11-17
the best product for a boost------no after shock with a downer.
Rahul V. - 2020-11-16
Bought mind & life. Qualia mind gave me jitters so I take only a fraction of the dose but Qualia life did not have any such sides. I notice an improvement in my mood and it just makes me feel great throughout most of the day.
Massimo D. - 2020-11-16
Call your life has been an excellent product helping me my strength and health but my mind is not all there I'm trying Qualia mind together with life and on the first 2 days is been excellent
Alexander W. - 2020-11-15
I love Qualia Mind caffeine free because it gives me a mental and energetic boost w/o the jitters or nervousness I get from caffeine products; I have been using now for several months and I think it gives me an edge in terms of mental sharpness and memory recall, I will keep using it for the foreseeable future, thanks~!
Chris C. - 2020-11-15
Qualia Mind is the best supplement I have ever taken. Not only does it cover your bases for daily B, C, D, etc. vitamins, it has several other key nutrients and extracts that brighten my mood and sharpen my mind. I typically take 5 instead of 7, and find that works fine for me, and it also helps the bottle last longer.
Jörg S. - 2020-11-15
As a weekend cyclist the metaphor of the title line seems fitting. Quality Mind offers a subtle but perceptible gentle push.
Ethan A. - 2020-11-14
I am writing this review in the middle of a semester at a graduate program. I can tell that my neurotransmitters and overall sense of well-being is improved. I have enhanced focus and notice a big difference when taking this supplement before studying and exams.
Brock N. - 2020-11-14
Groundbreaking is not an overstatement
Walter L. - 2020-11-14
Qualia Mind is the quickest, fail proof (if u get adequate sleep) way of calling up the best version of you. I’ve seen noticeable improvements in recall memory and drive, since you have more energy certain tasks don’t feel like a hassle. Great product. Take the tolerance breaks serious. I had to stop for over a month to get the same effects I was used to. Amazing product
Cameron F. - 2020-11-14
I personally use it as a mood stabilizer and as a way to focus more intently on my work. I pushed past many mental barriers with this product. Hands down the best purchase I've made 10/10
Michael C. - 2020-11-14
After several months of use, my experience with Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free) is that it makes a remarkable difference. As a PhD researcher and athlete, I have found that the most effective use of Qualia Mind involves not relying on it to solve any particular deficiencies or problems I may have - it is not a crutch- but using it to upgrade my capacity to support myself as I push myself to develop cognitively and physiologically. That is, taken in conjuction with a clear commitment to purpose, ...Read more.
Timothy C. - 2020-11-14
I love the synergistic combination of all the best ingredients to support health and resilience.
William C. - 2020-11-12
I am 70 years old and working in construction when I use your product I feel my energy and am very productive
Dawn B. - 2020-11-10
I absolutely love the Qualia Nootropic Energy. I have tried numerous energy drinks and most of them make me shake. I can take this one and I am energized without the shakes to get a great workout in and I am ready for my day. So glad I found this product.
nathonn c. - 2020-11-10
It's amazing to benefit from the devotion to this craft. Thank you for the hours,days,years research and excited for what's coming next
Grayson W. - 2020-11-10
While the price is a bit steep, the product is great. I have tried other neutropics and they don’t even come close!