Qualia Nootropic Bundle

The Ultimate Brain Upgrade

$249.00 $119.00 first shipment, $199.00 thereafter

The Qualia Nootropic Bundle was built to deliver 24-hour advanced support for brain function targeting memory, mental clarity, visual processing and sound sleep. Start your day with Qualia Mind before breakfast to fuel your brain for sharper thinking. With your first meal take Qualia Vision to protect, restore, and enhance eye health. Visual health and cognitive health are directly linked, Qualia Vision is an important piece to building exceptional cognitive performance. Around dinner time take Qualia Night to kick off a relaxing evening and give your brain support for nighttime functions like memory consolidation and BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) production. Qualia Night helps ensure higher quality sleep so you can wake up rejuvenated. All 3 formulas are designed to complement each other with science-based, high-purity, and premium nootropic ingredients.


4.38 1391 reviews

5 Sandra F. - 2020-12-28
This is the best I have tried ever. The drive is endless
5 Guest - 2022-04-10
5 Lisa B. - 2021-09-12
I like how this makes me feel and my mind is very active and clear.
5 Justin F. - 2018-05-30
I am an father, engineer, writer, and filmmaker.... Qualia is a crucial part of my creative process.



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