Eileen C. reviewed Eternus

2 months ago

Eternus as Capsules

Being over 60 and having Sjogren's Syndrome (autoimmune disease), one of the complications is difficulty in swallowing among other health problems. I did NOT have any problems in swallowing the 8 capsules each day for the five day two off protocol. The first day I took Eternus, I did not feel any different at first, yet a 2 block walk that day was surprising. Normally I am exhausted and wiped out for hours--sometimes days. Instead, I felt like my walk was more like a mild workout and recovered within 30 minutes. As the days past, I didn't feel more alert or smarter; yet, I surprised myself that I was able to recall a statistic I read in detail including the number of cases given. I have short term memory problems and if I want to remember anything I always have to write down. This is only the 1st month's results in taking this product. Overall, I am very pleased with the results. My only complaint I have, I wish Eternus included a complete daily supplement in this product so I don't have to buy more than one supplement products. If it means bigger or more pills to take -- I don't care, as of right now I take about 30+ capsules a day anyways.

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Jeannine S. February 11, 2020


This product is great, I have noticed a difference increase in my energy levels. But the most notable difference is my ability to focus. I can sit at a computer and actually complete tasks at one time. I haven't had this type of mental focus in decades. I love it!!

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John S. May 25, 2019

Great, but for one thing

My only complaint is that the product comes in plastic. They are #1, but if you know anything about plastic recycling these will end up either in landfill or the ocean. The recycling middlemen only want milk and large plastic containers designed for liquids, like soaps and beverages. I personally...

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Joe W. December 2, 2019


Really the best supplement on the market for energy and vitality. Perfectly dosed potent and unique ingredients!

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Jules M. January 7, 2020

Eternus. It's me...but better.

It's me...but a MUCH better version of me! Wonderful nootropic blend.

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